Posted on Friday December 29, 2017

2017 has been the quietest year I’ve had since I started playing this music ten years ago. I think I’ve only managed to get the courage to play 3 gigs in the whole year, but they were pretty good. My last one, in October at the Hug and Pint, was as a duo with Gareth backing me up on electric guitar. That was a lot of fun, and part of the journey for me to work out what the hell I’m trying to do now.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, I’ve written a lot of new material to follow-up on 2015′s Rise Again album. Yet, I’m now at around 98 songs on my 8 track and an album hasn’t formed together, so something has gone wrong. Intrinsically.

For every time I thought I had a route I wanted to go down (and there’s a lot of sounds and genres on the 8-track), I reached an internal crisis of confidence, trust, and outright fleeting hatred of everything I had created before and was trying to create now. It was a disaster. My disaster.

Which brings us to The Dr D Disaster.

Rather than trying to create a new album or EP that fits the sounds of my earlier Dave Hughes stuff, I’ve decided to just release the raw stuff from the 8-Track as and when I feel like it. Its not that I think these songs are bad, far from it, it’s just I can’t fit them to an album that’s consistent enough. The first EP came out a couple of weeks ago, and it felt pretty good to just release it without any fanfare or expectation.

These are two songs that kinda felt like they belonged on a raw dirty punk rock EP together. the next EP will sound different again, and the next again will be different too, until I’m finished.

My brother did some cracking artwork, and will hopefully continue to illustrate the series. There isn’t a new website, nor a new bandcamp (things will be released through the Different Circle Records bandcamp page), but there is a Facebook page you can get updates through.

There will be some gigs here and there in the coming year, I don’t know what form they’ll take yet, it might be acoustic, it might be full band (drummers, get in touch), or it might be a solo mandolin/bodhran/spoken-word disaster, who knows.

I hope you enjoy the next part of the journey, and thank you very much for following me this far.

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